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Oh beautiful Pai…

In Chiang Mai, people were either on their way to Pai or on their way back. And no one had a single negative comment about it.

From what I’ve heard, it’s not as rustic as it used to be. But with such positive and lovely words about this town constantly being passed around, it would be impossible to keep it pristine.

The ride from Chiang Mai to Pai took around three hours and it had over 700 curves and turns! I would take motion sickness precautions though, there’s always one person who gets sick from the ride.

Here’s what I did in Pai

Lod Cave

Not really in Pai, but situated in Mae Hong Son, (about 1.5 hours away)it was definately worth a trek. I was given a walking tour of inside the caves (which was huge!) and got to ride a raft from the entrance to the exit.


Pai Cave


Hot Springs

There are two hot springs around Pai. The one I went to wasn’t exactly a hot spring, more lukewarm, but was enjoyable.

Pai Canyons

A great place to catch sunsets.

Pai Canyon

White Buddha

It’s a bit of a vision when you catch sight of it from afar on a highway. It’s just a buddha sitting by itself – no embellishments or temples beside it, and in the whitest of whites. I didn’t see it during the day, but opted for a night view instead, along with a starry night.

Night Market

It’s the main street in town. It’s littered with shopping stalls, day-tour stalls and food stalls. I was so happy to see all the vegetarian options. Go vegetables!




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