• China
  • Getting a Tailor Made Piece in Shanghai

    Here’s a confession: there’s nothing I enjoy more than having the opportunity to create and design my own clothes!  When I found out there were several fabric markets in Shanghai that does tailor pieces to order I was enthralled. I’ve had a custom piece made in Hoi An, Vietnam before, but that didn’t turn out to […]

  • Wish I Knew
  • How to Pack Light Without Giving Up on Style

    Packing well has never been a forte of mine. I use to take a suitcase and fill it with things “I might need” or “just in case” items. With any extra room, came the need for me to be extra prepared for literally everything that may, and truthfully did not come my way. This packing […]

  • Japan
  • Five Things I wish I Knew Before Travelling to Japan


    In many ways, the media and popular culture portrays Japan pretty closely: technologically advanced, cosmopolitan and ever so polite and polished. But having recently visited the country, here are five things I wish I knew beforehand that would’ve made my visit even smoother. Train Pass vs. Bus Pass Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of Japan’s well established […]

  • Vietnam
  • Selling a Motorbike in Vietnam

    Selling a motorbike in Vietnam

    Purchasing a scooter and driving it through Vietnam was a great way to explore the country, and you can find out what I thought in my previous post here. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. But now that I’ve completed my journey and sold my bike, there are definitely things I would do differently […]

  • Vietnam
  • Buying a Motorbike in Vietnam

    Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

    Thanks to the boys of Top Gear, motorbiking through Vietnam has become the thing to do when you’re in the country, and honestly I had a complete blast doing it! There are many reasons why Vietnam has caught such a reputation. The country is long and relatively narrow, making it very manageable to ride from the North […]

  • Myanmar
  • Eight Things I wish I Knew Before Travelling to Myanmar

    Having recently opened their boarders to tourists, I was extremely excited to travel to Myanmar. I was looking forward to getting my hands and feet a bit more dirty, especially just having visited cosmopolitan Thailand. However, with the country still at the beginning stages of its tourism, a bit more pre-planning was necessary. Here are […]

  • Vietnam
  • Getting a Tailor Piece Made in Hoi An

    Getting a tailor in Vietnam

    The city of Hoi An has a strong reputation of being the place to get clothes tailor made, which obviously became one of my ultimate mission when I visited the city. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement when we got into the city. I just couldn’t wait to get clothes made to to […]

  • Myanmar
  • Kalaw and Hiking to Inle Lake


    Since all the guide books seem to include Inle Lake on the must-do list for Myanmar travellers, I decided to check it out for myself. Rather than just visiting the lake, I opted to hike there from a nearby city called Kalaw (which again was recommended by all the guide books). Kalaw is a four […]