• China
  • Hong Kong

    A bustling and thriving financial centre, Hong Kong serves as the financial and international gateway for many Asian countries, especially China. Aside from its professional reputation, Hong Kong is also an exciting country to visit. It’s a wonderful blend of old-world traditional charm, mixed in with an ultra-modern and luxurious lifestyle. It’s also super convenient […]

  • Japan
  • Kanazawa

    400km Northwest of Tokyo, seaside Kanazawa is known for its well-preserved Edo-era districts. While I don’t think any Japanese town or city is ever lacking in culture or history, Kanazawa stands out because it actually has preserved neighbourhoods. Since Kanazawa attracts a lot of tourists, there’s a specific bus loop that brings you to all […]

  • Japan
  • Five Things I wish I Knew Before Travelling to Japan


    In many ways, the media and popular culture portrays Japan pretty closely: technologically advanced, cosmopolitan and ever so polite and polished. But having recently visited the country, here are five things I wish I knew beforehand that would’ve made my visit even smoother. Train Pass vs. Bus Pass Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of Japan’s well established […]

  • Japan
  • Cycling the Shimanami Kaido Trail & Okunoshima

    Shimanami Kaido Trail & Okunoshima

    The Shimanami Kaido is a toll expressway connecting six islands together with incredibly engineered suspension bridges, allowing for easy and quick access to and from the islands between Shikoku to Honshu, the main island of Japan. Because these bridges are such an achievement, they’ve become star attractions and the main draw for tourists to this […]

  • Japan
  • Visiting Tokyo Disneyland


    As a Disney fanatic, Tokyo Disneyland was high on my Tokyo to do list. I was even lucky enough to have timed my trip during Disney Halloween – which really was the highlight! Visitors must have spent so much time and money on their costumes, they were incredible! But back to the park itself – […]

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  • Tokyo Part One – Shinjuku and Shibuya

    Travel Tokyo

    Where do I even start with Tokyo? Fast paced, ultra-modern and never sleeping, Hollywood Tokyo and real-life Tokyo are actually really similar. Realizing the feat in front of me, I took my fellow traveller’s advice and decided to tackle Tokyo like a country instead, taking in each area as if it was its own city (which […]

  • Japan
  • Matsuyama

    Visit Matsuyama

    Situated on the Shikoku Island, Matsuyama is easily accessible by ferries from Oita and Hiroshima. Perhaps influenced by the numerous of onsens in the area, Matsuyama is a peaceful and relaxed city. Most of the city shuts down after sun goes down, making it highly enjoyable to stroll the city at night. It’s also dramatically […]

  • Japan
  • Beppu

    Visit Beppu

    A laid back and sleepy little city, Beppu wasn’t really a city on my original travel plans. But it turned out to be an enjoyable and relaxing place, perfect for making day trips elsewhere, like the postcard perfect city of Yufuin. Situated right on the Iyo-Nada Sea, Beppu is often hot and humid, and in […]