Kyaiktiyo and Kinpun

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Considered the most religious destination for locals, the Golden Rock is a popular place.

When you arrive, the bus will often drop you off in the town called Kyaiktiyo about 30 minutes away from the ‘base camp’. I was dropped off right on the side of the highway! From there, you can choose if you want to stay in Kyaiktiyo or continue the trip to Kinpun, aka “base-camp” of the Golden Rock.

I’d recommend continuing your journey and find accommodations in Kinpun. There’s way more happening in Kinpun, whereas Kyaiktiyo is more residential.  I found Kinpun an interesting and bustling place. It was completely touristy, but not for international foreigners. Locals from all around Myanmar were coming to visit this religious site.


I didn’t actually go up the mountain to see the Golden Rock. Aside from the costs ($5 for round-trip transportation, $6 entrance fee), and the fact that as a woman, I wasn’t even allowed to go right up to the rock, I didn’t think it was worth the journey.


Charm tip:

Fellow travellers suggests buying tickets off people who visited the day before. Tickets are valid for two consecutive days, so you might score a discount.


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