Vang Vieng

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Vang Vieng

Infamous Vang Vieng is where all the tubing and partying happens. It’s actually pretty crazy to meet people who’s only stop in Laos is Vang Vieng.

Vang Vieng


Tubing down the river and hopping off at bars is the main attraction here. At it’s prime there use to be 22 bars off the river! But over the past couple of years there has been a major crackdown on the area because of multiple deaths. So when I went only two bars were open. The bars and the tubing companies also make it difficult for heavy partying, as the bars don’t open until 1pm and to get a full deposit back on your tube, returns had to be made before 6pm.

Vang VIeng

Nevertheless, you can always go to Sakura bar where they give out unlimited free whisky drinks between 8-9pm.

Other Sights

It’s a bit unfortunate that the tubing overshadows the amazing landscape Vang Vieng is set in. I’d suggest renting a bicycle and riding out of the main town. There are so many caves and lagoons nearby, which I think is way better than the tubing!

Vang Vieng


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