Kon Tum

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Kon Tum

Kon Tum and Buon Ma Thuot are cities located in the central highlands area in Vietnam. They’re both surprisingly large cities and a great detour drive to avoid the busy AH1 highway from Hoi An to Nha Trang.

Kon Tum


Neither of these cities are really on the traveller’s trail and it’s easy to understand why. There really isn’t much to do or see in either of these cities. And without personal transportation it’s very difficult to get to.

Kon Tum

The guidebook does suggest this area is a prime location to trek to nearby villages, but I didn’t see a single tour company or signs signifying such available option.

The main reason I passed by these cities was because I wanted to avoid the coastal highway and enjoy some rural mountain driving, which this route definitely delivered. It’s also an added bonus to be able to bypass all the crowds.

Kon Tun

We drove by beautiful mountain ranges, farm lands and small villages – even came upon a floating village. This route would’ve easily beat out the highway scene.


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